Warranty terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the lifetime warranty of Gabbag, trade name of JCK Brand Company B.V..

Basic conditions

  1. All Gabbag products come with a standard legal warranty of 24 months. This legal warranty can be extended by registering the product within 30 days to make a claim under the Lifetime Warranty. We define Lifetime Warranty as the period of use by the original purchaser who purchased and registered the product for their own use.
  2. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser or owner who purchased and registered the product as required. This warranty is non-transferable. If the original owner has not registered the warranty, the legal warranty of 24 months still applies to the products of Gabbag. Warranty is given against defects due to faults in materials or workmanship.
  3. Damage caused by misuse, accident, contact with harmful liquids, fire, earthquake or any other external cause will void the warranty. The warranty is void in the event of defects resulting from natural wear and tear of the product.
  4. In the event of damage and/or defect caused by a repair carried out by a party not recognized by Gabbag, the warranty will be void, unless written permission has been given by Gabbag.
  5. The warranty is void if the product has been modified or repaired by an unauthorized party.
  6. Within the warranty period, the original purchaser is entitled to a suitable solution in the event of defects that fall within the warranty conditions. The product will then be repaired, replaced or exchanged for a product of equal value free of charge. If none of these solutions are possible, the original buyer can choose to terminate the purchase agreement and request a refund of the purchase price, depending on the date of purchase. The refund of this purchase amount will be calculated as follows:
    Elapsed time after purchase date and reimbursement percentage of purchase price:
    0 – 6 months: 100%
    7 – 12 months: 80%
    13 – 18 months: 60%
    19 – 24 months: 40%
    After 24 months (effective Lifetime Warranty): 10%
  7. The buyer has a duty to investigate and complain and is obliged to investigate whether the product has defects. The buyer must have investigated and reported any defects or faults within 14 days of receiving the product. In that case, the buyer is entitled to a return or other suitable solution consisting of repair or replacement with a product of equal value. To be eligible for Gabbag’s Lifetime Warranty, the original purchaser must always complete the required registration. In the absence of registration within the required period of 30 days, the legal warranty of 24 months applies.
  8. The warranty conditions in this document apply to both the legal warranty and the Lifetime Warranty.
  9. In order to claim the legal warranty, the buyer must be in possession of proof of purchase.
  10. In order to make a claim under the Lifetime Warranty, the buyer must be in possession of the original warranty certificate in addition to the proof of purchase, which has been registered within the required period.
  11. Claiming the legal or Lifetime Warranty can only be done through the channel where the buyer originally purchased the product.
  12. The warranty conditions set out in this document are valid worldwide.

Gabbag shall not be liable for shipping, ordering, labour, or packaging charges, export/import duties, VAT, or other taxes levied as a result of any warranty claim, service, repair, or return, unless approved in writing by Gabbag.

Gabbag reserves the right to revise these warranty conditions without prior notice

Warranty conditions