Lifetime Warranty

Gabbag items are made with care and attention. Therefore Gabbag ensures the quality and longevity of their products by offering a lifetime warranty on material and manufacturing defects. While all Gabbag products come with a standard legal warranty of 24 months, Gabbag is breaking the rules by offering an extension of this warranty in the form of a lifetime warranty.  The Original Gabbag guarantees a lifetime of enjoyment due to its high quality production and materials. Read more about the longevity and sustainability of The Original Gabbag here.

As with most warranties, our warranty is given against defects due to faults in materials or workmanship. Damage to your Gabbag caused by misuse, accident, contact with hazardous materials, fire, earthquake or any other external cause will void the warranty.

Why registration is important for your lifetime warranty

The warranty only extends to the original purchaser or owner of the product. Should you want to make a claim, please contact our customer service via In the event of wanting to make a claim after the 24 month period, make sure you have registered your warranty certificate within 30 days of purchase.

In the warranty registration, we ask that you fill in the form on our website. The following information is needed for the registration: your name, your e-mail address, your order number and the certificate number. You can find the registration form here.

Due to the EU privacy laws, customer information can only be saved for a set amount of time. Registration ensures that your information will be saved for a lifetime, so you can claim warranty for the lifetime of your Gabbag even after the 24 months of the standard legal warranty.

The warranty procedure

To claim the lifetime warranty the original purchaser or owner needs to have registered their warranty certificate within the set time of 30 days after purchase and be in possession of proof of purchase. The 30 days start from the confirmation e-mail after purchase. The warranty certificate is a certificate that is sent with the Gabbag when purchased via our web shop. This certificate contains some information about the warranty, but most importantly contains the certificate number. This certificate number is a unique number for your Gabbag purchase. Hold on to your warranty certificate well, because this original document needs to be sent in when claiming your lifetime warranty and will only be sent once.

Lost your warranty certificate? You can still claim the standard legal warranty within the 24 months. Have you lost your warranty certificate and want to claim the lifetime warranty after 24 months? Unfortunately you cannot claim warranty without the certificate, even if you have registered your purchase in time.

How to claim warranty

Lifetime Warranty

You may claim warranty by contacting our customer service via e-mail to In this e-mail please state your name, order number and, in case of claiming the lifetime warranty, your registered certificate number. Clearly state what the defect entails and enclose photos of the defect. You may be asked to send in your Gabbag for further inspection. In this case please enclose your original warranty certificate with your product.

If our warranty inspectors determine that your warranty claim is valid and the defects fall within the warranty conditions, you are entitled to a suitable solution free of charge. These solutions could be repairing or replacing your product, or exchanging your product for a product of equal value. Check all of the warranty conditions here.

Although we are breaking the rules by offering a generous warranty, we are confident that you will enjoy your quality Gabbag for a lifetime.